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Car crashes can happen in a second, but the injuries and consequences can last much longer.  Tragically, wrongful deathtraumatic brain injury, and other serious injury can result.  If you have been injured, or if a family member has died, you deserve full service representation by a law firm with a strong record of seeking full compensation for injured clients.

The Full Service Representation We Provide

Our clients come to us during difficult times.  Many have been severely injured.  Some may not know about their future ability to work in current occupation or profession.  Others may have tragically lost a loved one due to the negligent conduct of someone else.

In all cases, we believe that clients deserve experienced, tenacious advocacy, not only in helping them obtain full and fair compensation, but also car accident attorneys who will be there to answer questions, help them through insurance matters, gather their medical records, and provide whatever other assistance may be needed.

We know our clients well.  We do not think of clients as simply another “case”.

As Seattle car accident lawyers, we carefully limit the number of cases that we accept so that we can provide full attention to our clients.  If you retain us, you will be working with a dedicated team of attorneys and paralegals for your case.

We advance litigation expenses on behalf of our clients.  If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one, your focus needs to be on healing, not on figuring out how you are going to pay court costs, expert witnesses, deposition expenses, and other matters.  We advance these and other costs on behalf of our clients, and these costs are then paid back out of settlements or jury verdicts.

There is no fee unless we recover for you, regardless of the amount time that we spend on your case.  This contingent fee representation is one of the few opportunities in our society where you can get highly experienced professionals working on your behalf without any risk if you’re matter does not have a good outcome.

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In the interim, the content below discusses important aspects concerning car and vehicle crashes in the State of Washington.

Car Accident Statistics – Injuries and Fatalities

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), 37,133 people died in car crashes during 2017, which was 673 fewer than in 2016.[1]  While the number of fatalities during 2017 was less than in the two previous years, the number of deaths was  significantly higher than five years ago, in which 34,080 people died in motor vehicle crashes.

The fatality rate also declined about 2.5% from 2016 to 2017, to 1.16 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven.  Fatalities involving large trucks increased significantly during this two-year period, from 725 deaths to 841 deaths (a 16% increase).[2]

Car Crash Statistics – Leading Causes of Car Accidents in the United States

There are many causes of car accidents, including:

  • Alcohol intoxication or drug usage.  NHTSA stated that alcohol intoxication or drug use played a role in 29% of all roadway deaths.
  • Speeding and reckless driving.  Speeding and reckless driving continue to be major factors for car crashes.
  • Distracted driving, especially from texting or cell phone usage.  Distracted driving was noted by NHTSA as having a role in 8.5% of fatalities.
  • Sleep deprivation.  Driver drowsiness accounted for about 2.1% of fatalities.
  • Dangerous road conditions, including design defects and improperly functioning traffic control devices.
  • Road construction and other driving impediments, which can also include blocked signage or driver views.
  • Product liability, such as defective tires and airbags, or vehicles that fail to protect occupants in “safe areas.”

Could Seat Belts Have Made a Difference?

NHTSA reported that 47% of the occupants involved in traffic fatalities were not wearing seatbelts.[3]  While NHTSA did not specifically address whether seat belt usage would have saved lives, based upon the statistics in NHTSA’s report, such conclusion is likely.

Our Representation of Traffic Accident Victims and the Families Who Have Lost a Loved One in a Crash

We are available to represent clients throughout Washington State who have been badly injured in vehicle crashes, as well as the families who have lost a loved one due to a crash caused by someone else.  When a car crash occurs, we thoroughly investigate all aspects to uncover all contributing factors to the crash in order to identify all those who may be legally responsible for the injuries and damages.  We then seek to hold accountable all of those who we believe are liable, and demand the full measure of compensation for the damages and injuries that have resulted by our clients.

Who May Be Legal Liable for Your Car Crash?

In addition to the driver causing the crash, those responsible for a car crash in Washington State may also include:

  • Another driver or drivers, if their reckless driving caused another vehicle to hit you (such as if they were trying to avoid a collision);
    • Bars, restaurants, and other dining establishments under Dram Shop Liability, if they knowingly over served alcohol to an intoxicated patron and that person then caused a crash after leaving the establishment;
  • Those who procured alcohol for a minor, if a minor was injured in a drunk driving crash while driving;
  • Construction companies who may have been performing roadway maintenance or development, if they failed to take adequate precautions to make sure the roadways were in safe condition (such as through the proper use of cones, signs, lights, and other traffic control devices), or if they failed to mark lane closures and diversions in a manner that allowed safe driving;
  • The State of Washington, its cities, towns, and municipalities, if traffic control devices were not properly functioning, if vegetation obscured such devices or signage or the ability of drivers to see oncoming traffic, if roadways were not properly designed for the intended traffic use and speed, or if unreasonably dangerous conditions were present (such as “blind” turns and the failure to implement 4-way stops and other control devices at busy intersections).

These are only some of the ways in which individuals, companies, or municipalities may additionally be liable.  When we accept representation, we are meticulous in seeking to uncover all of the contributing factors to a crash.

Learn How We Investigate Crashes to Identify All Those Who May Be Liable

Our Job as Your Lawyers Extends Far Beyond the Courtroom

When representing our clients, we:

  • Gather and preserve important accident scene evidence (including vehicles and black box event recorders);
  • Calculate the full economic value of your damages (such as past and potentially future lost wages);
  • Speak with physicians and health care professionals to learn about the likely course of any future medical treatment that may be required; and
  • Explain to you the insurance company tactics that are often used to deny or minimize liability.

See “How We Help Accident Victims Seek the Full Compensation to Which They Are Entitled

In the event that a loved one died as the result of a crash, there are additional damages that will be sought, such as the loss of income that the victim would have earned, as well as compensation to a spouse and family for a loved one’s loss.

See “Recovering Damages in a Wrongful Death Case

Don’t Get Cheated by Insurance Companies and Their Tricks

Without legal counsel, the playing field is not level.  Insurance company representatives and claims adjustors receive significant training in how to act in a way that is ultimately designed to reduce costs and liability for the insurance company of the liable driver by not paying what they rightfully owe.  We will protect you from being cheated out of the fair compensation that is due to you.

See “Insurance Company Tricks

Common Damages in Car Crashes

If you’ve been injured in a car or other vehicle crash, your damages may include:

  • A damaged or totaled vehicle;
  • Medical bills, including bills for hospital stays, surgeries, medical treatment, medications, ambulance services, rehabilitation, and ongoing treatment;
  • Lost wages and lost income;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Future wage and income loss, if your ability to work has been negatively affected as the result of your crash, or if you are likely to lose time at work due to future surgeries or other medical treatment;
  • The cost of modifications to your home if you have become disabled;
  • Other damages that you have suffered as a consequence of your car crash.

Every car crash case is different.  As part of our representation, we work with clients to identify the full range of damages that have been sustained and seek to recover for them every penny of damages and compensation to which they may be entitled.

Learn about How Pain & Suffering for a Car Crash is Calculated

What is Subrogation in a Car Crash Case?

“Subrogation” is the term referring to the legal right to collect for a debt or damages owed to another party.  In the case of a car or vehicle crash, if your insurance company pays for your medical bills or for the damages sustained by your damaged or totaled vehicle, under the law they will be subrogated to (or be entitled to “step into your shoes”) with respect your right to recover money against those responsible for such bills and damages.

This means that it’s possible for the insurance company to also sue the driver who hit you.  Normally, insurance companies will “piggyback” onto lawsuits brought by those injured in car crashes and their families, and rely on these victims to seek compensation through a settlement or jury verdict.

Learn About Subrogation in Washington Car Crashes

We Can Help

We offer a free, no obligation consultation so that we may learn about your car crash, and so that you can ask us any questions that you may have concerning your options for legal recovery.  At this consultation, we can also discuss the strength of your case and the types of damages to which you may be entitled.

If you retain our firm, unless otherwise agreed, we will serve as your attorneys on a contingency fee basis.  This means that there are no fees to us unless and until we recover a settlement or judgment for you.  In addition, we normally advance all litigation costs (such as court fees, deposition costs, and expert witness fees) on behalf of clients so they do not need to be concerned about paying such costs while their case is proceeding (these costs are then typically paid back from settlement proceeds or jury awards).

Please call us today so that we can get started.

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