At Ressler & Tesh we have excellent and experienced professionals who work closely with our clients, our attorneys, and others from the beginning to end of every case. We often hear from clients, attorneys, and others, that their experience with our staff is exceptional.

Our staff members come from various backgrounds which helps them provide incomparable service to each of our clients. Everyone on our staff brings compassion, patience, and passion to the office each day. They pride themselves on helping our clients through the complexities of the legal system and their case. Our staff give care, time and detail to each case giving each client personalized attention.

We are proud of each of our staff member’s accomplishments and encourage them to continue to grow so they reach their highest potential professionally. Part of what makes our staff exemplary, is their dedication and drive.

We invite you to learn more about our staff below.

Sasha Craft
Firm Administrator & Paralegal

Khanh Tran

Ruddy Salas
Legal Intern

Haley Johnson
Haley Johnson
Legal Intern

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