The following are some of the significant results that we have achieved for our clients.


Settlement with a hospital for minor who suffered a permanent traumatic brain injury.  This is believed to be the largest settlement for a single individual ever in the State of Washington.


Resolved a claim of a foster child against Washington State Department of Social and Health Services for $19,300,000. This is the largest single plaintiff settlement against DSHS.


Settlement with DSHS/State of Washington for six siblings sexually and physically abused by their parents after the State of Washington failed to follow up on their cases after the family fled the state.


Settlement with DSHS/State of Washington for the abuse of five foster children and doctors who failed to report the child abuse, including a child who died of starvation/dehydration on his seventh birthday.  This case created new law in the Washington Supreme Court. Beggs v. State, Dep’t of Soc. & Health Servs., 171 Wn.2d 69 (2011).


Settlement for four children DSHS failed to remove from an abusive home.


Settlement with DSHS/State of Washington for four foster children sexually and physically abused by their adopted parents.


Settlement for four children who suffered physical and sexual abuse in an unlicensed foster home on Nooksack Indian Reservation. The children were placed in the home due to a lack of communication between DSHS and the Nooksack Indian tribe. In addition, the case resulted in changes in the information sharing procedures between DSHS and various Native American service agencies.


Settlement for developmentally delayed man who suffered severe neurological injury while in the custody of the Kitsap County Jail.


Resolution with DSHS/State of Washington for two children who were physically abused and starved by their parents.


Combined settlement for woman injured when a Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle struck a charter bus on Seattle’s Aurora Bridge.


Settlement for woman who suffered hypoxic brain injury during tracheostomy tube replacement.


Settlement with DSHS for childhood sexual and physical abuse which occurred in both the biological home as well as in a foster home.


Settlement with DSHS/State of Washington for the sexual abuse of a minor who sexually abused by a registered sex offender after DSHS failed to do a background check on the abuser and therefore did not know that this young child was living with him.


Combined settlement for two minors who were sexually abused in both in their biological home and in a foster home.


Settlement with State of Washington for the sexual abuse of two young children sexually abused by their biological parents and by another minor after placement into a foster home.


Settlement with DSHS/State of Washington for the sexual abuse of a minor in a foster home.


Settlement against a New York State foster care agency for the sexual and physical abuse of a minor.


After terminating the parental rights, the State allowed the parents to care for four children where they suffered horrific physical and sexual abuse.


Settlement with DSHS for placing two children into a Thurston County home where known previous sexual abuse occurred and the adults sexually abused two children, 4 and 6 years old.


Combined policy limits settlement for woman injured in head-on collision.


Settlement with a religious institution for two brothers sexually abused at a private high school in the 1970s.


Resolution for family of deceased passenger following a small airplane crash.


Resolution for the estate of a teenage girl killed in a semi-truck vs. car accident.


Resolution against a bar that over-served a man who went on to run into another car, causing serious injuries to the driver of that car.


Settlement with King County for motor vehicle accident.


Policy limits for a man hit by a car while driving a motorcycle.


Settlement against King County Jail for prescription drug side effect.


Settlement for underinsured motorist and insurance bad faith claims relating to pedestrian struck by car.


Resolution for a man hit while crossing a crosswalk.


Homeowner’s policy limits settlement for woman accidentally shot during a negligent gun cleaning.


Settlement for pedestrian struck by slow moving vehicle.


Settlement for gambling losses attributed to failure to warn about a Mirapex prescription.


While we have a strong record of success for our clients, there can be no guarantee of a successful outcome in any legal matter.

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