Seattle and Washington Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Cycling is a popular pastime in Washington.  It’s popular among those of all ages, ranging from children to older adults and seniors.  Cyclists include those looking for a great a recreational sport to competitive cyclists.

Cycling, unfortunately, can be particularly dangerous, not because of any risky behaviors engaged in by the cyclists themselves, but rather by inattentive or distracted drivers.  In all likelihood, cell phones have increased the dangers to cyclists, as many drivers attempt to split their attention between driving and texting, checking e-mail, or making calls on cell phones.

When cyclist/motor vehicle collisions occur, the cyclist almost always bears the full impact of the collision.  Even when cyclists take precautions such as wearing a helmet, in many cases little can be done to protect the cyclist from severe injury (including traumatic brain injury) or death.

We Fight on Behalf of Injured Cyclists and Their Families

When cycling accidents occur, those injured and the families of those killed deserve the full amount of compensation from all of those who are responsible for the injury and death that arises from these accidents.  As Seattle cycling accident lawyers, our role is to determine liability, to gather the evidence to prove the cases of our clients, and to seek full compensation from all those who we believe bear responsibility.

In addition to a vehicle driver who may have hit a cyclist, in many cases towns, cities, and other municipalities may also bear liability if they were negligent in not ensuring the safety of streets, cycling lanes, traffic control devices, and roadways.  We fully investigate cycling accidents in order to assess and determine all of the various factors that may have played a role in contributing to an accident so that the appropriate parties can be held accountable.  We also frequently hire accident reconstructionists to determine accident causation.

If You Have Been Injured or a Family Member Has Been Injured or Killed in a Cycling Accident Call Us for a Free No Obligation Consultation

Unless otherwise agreed, we represent cycling accident victims and their families on a contingency fee basis.  This means that we do not receive any fees unless and until we recover a settlement or award for you.

Once we learn about the facts and circumstances of your cycling accident, we can advise you as to the legal opportunities available to seek compensation against all those who may be responsible.

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